Citation Count

This document describes what the feature  Citation Count is, and how it works. 

The number of times a paper has been cited is often used as an indicator of its quality. Sometimes you would prioritize reading only seminal papers that are highly cited. Other times you are rather interested in exploring unknown papers with few or even no citations. 

In both scenarios, filtering on Citation Count can be helpful. The Citation Count feature is located under Filters in the Keenious app: 

The range you chose for the citation count will be reflected in the results list. 

Typing in a minimum of 1000, the results list will only contain publications that are cited 1000 times or more. 

Keep in mind that the results list will still be ordered based on relevancy to your input text.

Both articles fulfil the filtering criteria (minimum of 1000 citations), but the least cited is still considered more relevant, and will therefore appear on top of the list.

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