What is Keenious?

Keenious is a new type of academic search engine that recommends relevant research papers by analyzing your document with powerful artificial intelligence algorithms.

You can easily add Keenious as a sidebar in Microsoft Word or Google Docs so that you can get suggested relevant research without breaking your workflow. Keenious is also available at keenious.com for quick searches on the go, where you can simply paste in any document you want.

How do I use Keenious?

Keenious contains a powerful toolkit of features that lets you do a simple basic search with a click of a button, to build advanced queries that really let you dig down into what you want to learn. To get started, learn how to search with Keenious here.

We also have tips and guidelines on how you can get the most out of Keenious. Read tips and tricks for different practical uses here.

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