Using the Keenious Website

Navigating the Keenious Website can be easily done!

  • You can also Sign Up for a Keenious account.
  • Using the Keenious Website is a great way to find relevant research on any document. With the Keenious Website, you can search using PDF and URL documents as well as using Text.
  • Our Microsoft Word Add-in and Google Doc Add-on are also available for download.

Sign Up for a Keenious Account 

You can sign up for your Keenious account, which gives you access to features like:

  • Bookmarking your favourite articles
  • Unlock all the results pages 
  • Future Keenious updates
  1. To sign up for a Keenious account, click "Get Keenious!" in the top right corner.

  2. .This will bring you to the Keenious Sign Up page.

  3. For more detailed instructions, click here.

Search with your document

If you are looking to search with your document, you can do so by:

Download the Keenious Add-in

Our addon integrates into both Google Docs and Microsoft Word as a convenient sidebar ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  1. To download the Keenious addon, click "Get Keenious!" in the top right corner.
  2. Follow the link. Select which add-on you would prefer to download.

  3. For further instructions, click here.
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