What are Topics?

A topic is a general subject or main idea of a paragraph or essay. Topics are simple and are described with just a word or a phrase.

Keenious suggests topics that are related to your text. Some of the topics suggested by Keenious might be as you expected, while others can appear unexpected or surprising to you - that's what makes them so interesting!  

The topics in Keenious can be handy in many situations you find yourself in! 

Where can I find topics?

A few suggested topics will always appear next to the articles tab above your results list. 

Every time you do a new search with Keenious, up to 50 relevant topics are suggested to you. 

And what if you see an unfamiliar topic popping up? No worries!

If you click on a topic, Keenious will give you a quick explanation.  

Screenshots updated 22/9/23 - Keenious v2023.09.22

How can I use topics?

  1. Filter by topics - Read about Topic Filtering to learn how you can include and exclude topics to navigate your search. 
  2. Practical use cases - How to discover keywords to use in other search engines
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