How to discover keywords to use in other search engines

Keenious itself is exceptionally good at finding relevant papers to your text, BUT there will still be situations where you would like to search other search engines, such as your library’s discovery platform or Google Scholar.

This document describes how you can use Keenious to get ideas and inspiration for keywords to use in other search engines.

1. Look through the suggested topics

Keenious suggests a list of topics relevant to the content in your document. If you hover over a topic in the list, you get shown the definition of it - very handy if you come across an unfamiliar concept! 

2. Take notes of interesting topics

Maybe you discover topics that perfectly put into words what you already had in mind? Or do you get suggestions for concepts you would never have thought about yourself?

Note them down!

3.Use the topics as keywords! 

Use the topics you have discovered as keywords for a regular search in another search engine. In the example below, we've used the topics as keywords in the library’s own platform! 

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